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A Deeper Healing: Understanding Akashic Records

There is and has been in recent decades a bit of a sensational stir about the Akashic records, as if it’s new. You’ll find that a lot of people are being drawn into Akashic records as a way for them to heal, but to also help one find their path. You’ll also find that a lot of people use the knowledge in order to feel safe and secure about their future. They additionally find that these practices are almost a remedy for anxious feelings that almost everyone has in some capacity in their lives.

When you take a look at your Akashic record you’ll be able to achieve a lot of your and your soul’s goals. People don’t want to wait to see what their future holds, but they are now more than eager to learn more and new things about themselves on a deeper level. The pandemic has changed people the world over in this way. I’d want to change too if I was stuck at home facing any and all internal ugliness for a year and a half.

Most people are unable to get in touch with their own Akashic record so they do end up having a reader come in and help them. They will help read the signs, but they will also help translate a lot of the information that is left unnoticed. You’ll want to keep in mind that the Akashic reader will help you to release negative energy and also it will help you to embrace positive energy. This will help you get rid of some of the obstacles that you have and obstacles that prohibit you from growing. This is a deep healing process among many other types of spiritual modalities. So, this will come with facing pain and truths about that pain. Kind of in the same way I help people by shattering their rose-colored glasses or their fake/false mirror people put up with a false image showing so they don’t have to look at themselves in the eye or at the internal ugliness and trauma. That said, this will not be something for everyone, and this is not a starting point, unless specifically prescribed by a shaman, special healer, or otherwise because it will take you places you may not be ready to go or fully understand at the amateur stage. The biggest understanding here is to know that this is not some book you sign out of your local library by a card in the back of it and the honor system. There are only certain people that can do this, and there needs to be a level of trust and security there when working with them because of the areas they can tap in to and even bring you to/through – a helping hand or saboteur, they can be. It is up to you to do your research on what this is and how to find the right individual to perform this ancient esoteric tradition, as with anything otherworldly and preternatural.

It all depends on the person and their esoteric knowledge, but you should be able to access all the information in a trance-like state, sometimes through your normal method of meditation but allowing yourself to go further beyond that comfort zone. You’ll be able to channel a lot of information at this subconscious level, and you’ll be able to get to the deep hidden truths, seen and unseen. These records will help you to understand the person you used to be, the person that you are growing into, and the person you need to be for your place here in this humanity. Explore every part of yourself in every way. Leave no stone unturned, opposite what we’ve been trained to do for too long.

*This is a deep process. Not everyone can handle this their first time out. I suggest wading in the deeper waters of mental and spiritual healing and wellness before jumping into the sea or what’s beyond this plane of existence.

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