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Crystals and Gemstones: The Embodiment of Unique Healing Properties

Crystals and gemstones have become a fascinating and interesting subject for today’s different people of various walks. Whether these earthly gifts become a simple adornment or embellishment for one’s fashion week look or as the deeper center of attraction to healing aspects, they are the target of many other individuals’ skepticism, eyebrow-raising, and misrecognition of their use. While some wear them because of the entertaining and accessorizing effect they give to the wearer, others are focused on the fact that crystals and stones have astrological correspondences, chakra representations, color symbolism, and planetary influences. In fact, the more people that question the validity of the claim that they have natural healing properties, the more we see people utilizing and wearing them. As already stated, no matter the purpose of jazzing up a look or benefitting from their healing characteristics alike, there are numerous irrefutable positives to be enjoyed.

For many of us, the amulets carried or worn by different people – such as, the Catholic cross, rosary beads, pearl necklaces, unique healing jewelry, and many other ways to make vital use of these tiny specks of heavenly creation – have been familiar daily sightings in the streets, ultimately, causing more of us to take them for granted. This, in turn, has neutralized or lessened their respect and perceived value. However, what we actually are witness to in the presence of these energetically invaluable stones is beyond our meager imaginations. They are items that have been charmed, carried, worn, and passed down since time immemorial. De facto, both civilized and primitive individuals, cultures, and unique societies wear them for many occult reasons, including to drive away evil, heal, protect, to enhance spirituality, and, yes, to attract love.

The word amulet has the Latin origination of amoletum which means a defense medium or to avert evil. People use it because of the belief that it holds special powers to be used for protection against evil acts or entities like dark witches/witchcraft, ghosts, evil spirits, calamities, misfortune, illness, and other disasters/traumas. Also, amulets are believed to carry good fortune and luck that many people refer to them as talismans.

It is amazing to see that all the way from a primitive era in the distant past to the modern era with the varying cultures and sets of societies comprising it, humans still believe in the powers of amulets that specifically and supposedly derive their powers from connections made with religious associations including the occult, from rituals, and with more powerful natural forces. In those ancient days, you would find these amulets or talismans worn or carried, locked in an area desired to be endowed with the influence of their powers, and in religious ceremonies when the high priest wore a Choshen or breastplate, for example.

As mentioned, amulets come in various types and uses. But in the modern world, crystals and gemstones seem to have become more popular seeing the many collections and varieties of them in different sizes, shapes, types, colors, and variations. These crystals and gemstones have also gone into the hands of fashionable designers so they’ve been integrated into jewelry pieces like necklaces, pendants, bracelets, wands, and rings. Crystals and gemstones are also now found in zipper pulls, key chains, bag charms, key fobs, luxury cell phone cases, and in a lot of other gorgeously presented designs that have become not only a form of useful amulets, but fashionable representations as well. But a fact not to ignore, the magic of their healing properties still remains, giving many people this primary reason to wear them despite the nonbelievers in these beautiful, natural items’ efficacy. Remember, everything from Gaia is inherently pure and perfect in its own way.

Some of the most popular crystals and gemstones include amethyst, quartz of various colors, ruby, emerald, agate, tourmaline, opal, rose quartz, sodalite, goldstone, peridot jade, malachite, and, the most popular and commercially sought after of them all – the diamond. Each of these is an embodiment of protective, unique, and spiritual healing properties. There are many resources in the ethos that can provide details of each. With the characteristics that they possess, it is no wonder that the traditional penchant for people to wear these gorgeous and symbolic pieces will continue through to the next generations and further generations to come.

I know I rarely ever take off my amethyst, ruby (my birthstone), tiger’s eye, quartz, aventurine, selenite, and tourmaline. They come in different jewelry pieces (necklaces and bracelets) and pure uncut stones I carry in my pocket. Now, please know that some stones can amplify others like quartz does while some may counteract another, so it is important to know what properties the stones have so you know how to wear them, place them in your feng shui rituals, in your sacred spaces, or just in general. If stones are of interest to you, it is best to find a book or advisor to help you select the best stones for your activities and needs, and how to properly use and maiintenance them. Also, please keep in mind that crystals and stones are living things. They all hold natural power imbued by Mother Nature. Respect the stones and Gaia, above all! Do this and they will serve you powerfully and eternally as any living thing will do.

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