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As an Ouroboros, Life Begins at Death.

Individual Human

As humanity evolves, there are many of us who feel confused, lost, and unsure what direction this new Aquarian era will take them. Many of us are having awakening experiences that are even more perplexing than the evolution processes happening right before our eyes. These humans need help navigating this and their part in humanity’s journey, while understanding the new things that may be appearing for them.  This can look like new knowledge or knowledge of and from a past life, recognizing and learning to hone any newly found gifts, or connecting and understanding the new ‘them’. Sometimes, we need the village on the fringes to help us see the whole world from without, while the whole world within destroys itself. There are lots of people finding the newness overwhelming and need to talk it out with others experiencing the same thing. No matter how much we fight it, this evolutionary change is imminent. We will periodically have virtual group sessions, chat groups, or local meet-ups for like minds.


Business & Career

Any coach who wishes to make a profound impact on their clients, thus their sponsoring corporations, must understand the influential factors that are affecting businesses today. It used to be as simple as providing general coaching services for managers and leaders within the workplace, but things have changed in unprecedented ways. The road to success is awash with coaches offering the same old material in the same old way, yet hoping to affect significant change in individuals and as individuals on teams. The business market has changed. Run-of-the-mill can no longer be tolerated. Business managers and leaders need the exceptional. Those exceptional people will need a coach who understands the needs of business and has the competencies and skills to take them through any obstacles or barriers they encounter. My coaching style will be individualized so that it helps participants master performance and realize results in the real world, even while in a group. I always develop a relationship of trust and understanding with participants. This allows all parties to learn, grow, and implement within the context of business and work. My ultimate goal as your coach is to help you become self-sufficient in your mastery and true to your commitments. This makes one a superior performer and ready for any challenges or demanding tasks that can or will determine their own efficacy in exigent requirements and continued tenure at their sponsoring firm. In other words, one cannot fail, unless one chooses to.


Contact us about setting up a workshop or participation in one of your own workshops. I can also work in a consulting capacity with your officers on creating new employee programs, working within any established work-life balance norms or policies; or, in augmenting your current programs.

Why Erika Ryles?

Erika Ryles has a coaching style that is very powerful and unique. She prioritizes pushing her clients outside of their comfort zones, forcing them to confront their demons, and turn their weaknesses into strengths. This approach is characterized by a tough love mentality, where clients are pushed to achieve their goals through discipline and focus. This stands in contrast to traditional inexperienced, relaxed, sugary versions of coaching, which tend to emphasize positive reinforcement and gentle encouragement. She’s not here for that.

Ryles’ approach is all about digging deep to find the root problems that people hide or run from, bury deep within, or otherwise avoid, and then helping them develop the innate tools to find, fix, and heal those issues. This coaching style is beneficial because it impels individuals to confront their fears, insecurities, traumas, and weaknesses head-on, rather than just skimming the surface of their problems or fearfully coasting through life not being infinitely fruitful for the benefit of the whole. By getting to the heart of the matter, Ryles’ approach helps individuals to grow and evolve in meaningful ways, which can translate into success in all areas of their lives and that of the lives they touch.

In contrast, traditional coaching styles that are light-hearted and don’t push people to be better for themselves and others may provide temporary relief, but they do not have the long-lasting impact of Ryles’ approach. In order to truly grow and evolve, individuals need to be pushed beyond their limits, challenged to confront their issues, and held accountable for their actions. This is what makes Ryles’ coaching style so effective – it breaks open individuals to take ownership of their lives and be the best version of themselves in every way.


If you are fearless to look deep in the mirror and peel back all of the layers of bricks in your protection wall that were lain over the years to uncover and heal the real you, step into Erika’s virtual office to step out your true you! But, first, check out her book to start your inner journey and to get more acquainted with Erika Ryles!


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