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Break-Ups & Doubts

Shall we break-up? Am I right? Or is my thinking wrong somewhere? What if I hurt my partner with the break-up? How will I feel? What if I cannot live normally after the breakup? Shall I recover from it? Should I break up or should I wait for them to do it? I am having doubts about the reasons. I am doubtful about the consequences. I am confused. What shall I do?

After life reaches a stage where living together becomes very painful, one begins thinking of a breakup or separation. But the doubts can be overwhelming at times. They can mar the judgment. They can confuse the thinking process. This makes life further troublesome. What is the way out?

The first step should be giving your mind rest. A tense mind tends to lose the way more easily. Relax and let go of these thoughts for a few days. Involve yourself in other activities. Relaxing your mind will give you some peace and help you think clearly and unencumbered with heavy feelings associated with doubts. After you begin feeling peaceful, begin writing down your reasons for breaking up. Don’t miss anything. Write down all the reasons clearly and provide explanations wherever needed. This will give you further insight into why you want to break up.

Pros and cons, writing down both. Read them carefully and weigh them. If necessary, consult a close friend. After you become sure that you must break up and that it will be in your best interest and in the courteous interest of your partner, go ahead. People grow apart and energies are in constant flux and change, so one person shouldn’t feel ‘stuck’. It serves no purpose to those inside the situation. Talk things out, be honest about how you feel, and separate amicably. We know reality isn’t this smooth when dealing with people, so this is a general outlook. This process can also be used to determine the end or usefulness of a friendship, long or short term. Not everyone is meant to stay on your journey. Whatever your decision, leave anger and pettiness out of it. So, take this as you will, but I truly hope it helps.

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