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Feminization: Excess Masculinity

When one talks about gender and sexuality, society has a big influence on this subject matter and much commentary. During the old days, it was accepted that there are only two genders: man and woman. But, modern times is finally fully recognizing gender identity and homosexuality. Although the concept is still not accepted in conservative societies and various cultures, it should still be acknowledged as a fact of life, alongside the people being respected and treated like human beings. Today, there are many trans- people that are wishing that they could become a woman completely. Not only in body, but also in mind and in heart. When a man consciously decides to become a female, the process is called feminization. Although very controversial, this process is important to complete the transformation. Physically, a man can easily transform into a female. He could wear cosmetics, grow his hair out and have surgery. Surgeries could include breast implants and removal or transformation of his male genitalia. The man could also increase the level of the female hormones in his body to naturally change his physique. There are estrogen-laden pills that could be purchased and taken to change the skin’s texture, reduce facial hair growth, and soften curves.

Even with such changes, the conscious mind is still thinking like a man in most cases, and the person would still feel that his transformation is incomplete. Through the process of feminization hypnosis, one will be able to acquire the emotional as well as psychological aspects of a woman. A qualified hypnotherapist or hypnotist would make simple suggestions while one is under the influence of hypnosis. Since the subconscious is more receptive to messages and suggestions when the conscious mind is quiet, you will act, feel, and think fully like woman in no time at all. Feminization by hypnosis does not require any pills or diets. It will simply open the part of your consciousness that has been resisting the complete transformation to a woman. You will no longer feel trapped or ashamed because your mind and your personality will no longer experience conflicts with each other. Hypnotherapy is also known to be effective in treating addiction and phobias. It is not surprising that it could also be effective in feminization. If you are interested in this technique, simply browse the internet for additional information on hypnotherapy and local experienced practitioners.

There are many reputable providers who can give you expert advice and assistance. But do not forget to be cautious when getting hypnotherapy services. Better still, you should ask your colleagues, families, and friends who might know a reputable hypno- services provider. Although I do not perform this service, you can also contact me to begin your journey! We will walk hand in hand every step of the way, including helping you find a trustworthy hypnotist, so you do not feel alone and/or unsupported.

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